Split® Restorative Cleaner Gallons (010101)

SFS# 521036010 sku# 010101 Split!

Split® Restorative Cleaner Gallons (010101)

Split! Restorative Cleaner - Gallons

Green Seal Certified.  Powerful multi-purpose cleaner contains no detergent at all!  No VOC's or solvents, no oxidizers or bleaching agents, no enzymes or bacteria, and no dyes.  Has no scent what-so-ever, and is completely non-toxic.  Splits all organic soils of a non-solid molecular structure, including grease and oil, carbon, copy machine toner, food and beverage stains, mold and mildew stains, bodily fluids, organic odors, makeup, lipstick, hairspray, lotions, adhesive residues, and much more.   Even strong enough to remove the sticky detergent residues left behind from previous cleanings that cause rapid re-soiling.  Exclusive cleaning without detergents reduces the needed frequencies of wet cleaning on many surfaces, saving water, sewer, electricity, and packaging to our landfills.  NSF Listed A-1 General Cleaner for all surfaces, including food contact, in food processing plants and food service facilities.  Superior cleaning autonomy on numerous surfaces, as witnessed by ATP testing devices.


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