Samuel Freedman began in the paper trade in 1907. Then on March 7th, 1908, Samuel purchased for the cash sum of Eight Hundred dollars and fifty cents ($800.50) and Four (4) promissory notes aggregating the sum of Two Hundred and Forty Dollars, a paper, tray and twine route in Washington, D.C. from Issac Porton.

The purchase included goodwill, stock and fixtures of Porton’s paper, tray and twine route including among other things, a stock of paper, paper bags and boxes, trays and twine along with one bay horse, one harness set, one spring covered wagon and one platform scale estimated at Three Hundred Dollars. All of said stock being located at the premises of 1300 Florida Avenue, Northeast, Washington, D.C.

Thus started our company, S Freedman & Sons, Inc. Three of Samuel's five sons worked for their father and continued in the business all their working lives. Currently the fourth generation of the Freedman Family operates and manages day-to-day activities and still adheres to our founder’s ideals to supply quality products and services at competitive prices.

In the early years, the company moved to the 600 block of K Street, Northwest, Washington D.C. where it remained there until 1968 when we moved to Landover Maryland. In 1989 our warehouse was expanded to almost twice its capacity.

Today, S. Freedman & Sons continues to invest in our associates, systems, and facilities, to keep our company on the cutting edge of product and services for our customers. Our Company Vision Statement is as important to us today as it was when it was first published:

S Freedman & Sons, Inc. is committed to continually providing superior service and products that meet and exceed customer expectations. We are dedicated to creating value for our customers through efficiency, teamwork and continuous improvement within our organization.

S. Freedman & Sons, Inc. helps our customers enhance their image, save time, reduce risks and improve profits by working collaboratively to deliver customized solutions. We pledge to do what it takes to keep your confidence in our company and our name.