LK Packaging® Wine To Go 7" x 3.5" x 19" Bag (WBPL719+3)

SFS# 041028200 sku# WBPL719+3 LK Packaging®

LK Packaging® Wine To Go 7" x 3.5" x 19" Bag (WBPL719+3)

Wine To-Go bags can give restaurant patrons the luxury to take home any unfinished bottles of wine they purchased during their meal. Some states and local jurisdictions allow opened bottles of wine to be legally carried in a car as long as the wine is contained in a bag of this type. Made from strong 2.5 mL thick Linear Low Density Polyethylene with strength-enhancing metallocene, these bags are robust enough to carry full bottles of wine without rupturing. They have a generous 3.5" bottom gusset to comfortably hold a standard 750 mL bottle of wine and die cut handles to conveniently carry the bag. A special peel strip inside the bag, once peeled and pressed, will securely seal the unfinished and corked wine bottle. Once sealed, the bag can only be opened by tearing its perforated area, which reveals any tampering. These bags are an ideal value-added item for restaurants to provide to their customers as a courtesy. They can help increase wine bottles sales, especially of expensive wines, which may help reduce the temptation for customers to overindulge.

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