AnchorWrap™ 12" x 2000' Film with Safety Blade (7318512)

SFS# 061042112 sku# 7318512

AnchorWrap™ 12" x 2000' Film with Safety Blade (7318512)

Premium-Grade foodservice film with excellent cling and puncture properties. A blue tinted film, with outstanding clarity for food service professionals. All of our cutter boxes come with lock top design, improved film exit slot, and hand holes for easy transportation. A plastic safety blade is included in each box which clips to the front panel while keeping the lid closed. The blade is enclosed in a plastic trolley which cuts in both directions.
Anchor Packaging has added a DRI-GARD™ grease and water box protectant to our premium film lines. DRI-GARD™ revolutionary box coating will give added resistance to moisture, grease, and spills that are commonplace in the kitchen. DRI-GARD™ coating will not only preserve the box integrity but also keep it more sanitary since it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


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