Big D® Mini Stick-Up Air Freshener (608)

SFS# 527018050 sku# 608 Big D®

Big D® Mini Stick-Up Air Freshener (608)
Big D® Mini D Stick-Up is packaged in its own plastic dispenser which can be attached with a strip of double-faced tape (included). Ideal for use under desks, in lockers, cars, closets or restrooms, Mini D Stick-Up is adjustable for full control of product exposure. Mini D Stick-Up deodorants solve a multitude of problems. They will kill odors in their vicinity and continue to do so for up to three months. Also, they can't spill, so they can be used in many places where a bottle of liquid isn't practical. They are easy to handle and always leave a pleasant scent lingering in the air.
Big D®

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