Anchor Packaging® Crisp Food Technologies® 2 piece 2 section Container (4111945)

SFS# 998301014 sku# 4111945

Anchor Packaging® Crisp Food Technologies® 2 piece 2 section Container (4111945)

Black Bottom, Clear Top can withstand temps up to 230F. 10.7" x 8.4" x 3.6". Polypropylene. 

The Crisp Food Technologies® Containers use an exclusive,convection cross-flow technology design to relieve moisture and condensation, while maintaining product temperature. Through-the-closure ventilation, along with raised airflow channels in the base of the container, combined with venting in the anti-fog lid, ensure that fried foods remain crispy. The unique design of this packaging system retains internal temperatures better than other rigid containers currently in use for fried foods. As in all Culinary Series containers, it is designed to withstand temperatures to 230°F  in warming unit displays, under heat lamps and in the microwave. Independent, side-by-side tests at several leading retailers and restaurant chains demonstrate that the Crisp Food Technologies® Containers preserved temperature and texture of fried foods longer than competitive materials during 30-minute delivery.  It also outperformed the other fried chicken containers in the Supermarket Deli hot case: Better texture, better temperature retention, better tasting fried foods. The package holds hamburgers and fries, several pieces of fried chicken, as well a variety of other fried food items. 


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